Employment and Internships

Opportunities for important political involvement


Field Organizer

  • Full-time paid position
  • Responsible for coordinating volunteers across the state and assisting in campaign visibility efforts
  • Preferably able to work in Sioux Falls or Rapid City area
  • Duration - ASAP through election day

If interested, please forward a resume or experience summary to jobs@timbjorkman.com

Tired of feeling like the political world is a spectator sport? Ready to make a difference in your community? The Tim Bjorkman for South Dakota campaign has eight paid internships available in our Sioux Falls office for the fall term. The only requirement is that you are eager to learn and ready to make a difference.


What the student will experience (flexible to the strengths and interests of the student):
  • How to operate, administer, and target voters in a nationally supported voter database
  • How to run elements of both Obama and Sanders-style field campaigns
  • Learn how to organize and build attendance for events
  • Gain experience with direct voter contact and strategies
  • Learn how to successfully manage volunteer-based activities
  • Campaign will provide further details to faculty or others if class credit is possible


Time Commitment (flexible to interests of student):
10-15 hours a week
If interested, please send contact information, school of attendance, and any experience or information you feel is relevant or helpful
to internships@timbjorkman.com